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Thread: The keepers

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    The keepers

    Hey all, I thought I'd make a thread of the cleavers I have left after all these years. They are as follows, in no particular order. See if you are skilled enough to match them with the pics.

    Sugimoto #6 Fish custom
    Sugimoto #7 OMS
    Sugimoto #3? This cleaver was made some time in the late 40's not long after WWII, a pretty badass piece of history if I so say so myself.
    Takeda Andy Custom
    Tadatsuna #6 Andy Custom
    Mizuno #6 Fish Custom
    CCK 1102 Fish Custom
    Suien VG-10 Andy Custom

    My absolute favorites are the Tadatsuna and the Suien VG-10, but after all the cleavers and all these years they are all pretty awesome. Ultimately I should probably sell off at least another one or two but it's to the point that I have no idea which one I'd part with. It's late and I'm beat so I'll have to come back tomorrow to discuss. Enough rambling here are the pics. I think you have to click a couple times to get to the full resolution. Enjoy!

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    Man, looking at these photos makes me ask myself, "How in the world do you grind and heat treat something like that?" Should be simple right? I mean, its JUST a square thing.

    Bonkers. Those are really cool. I really like the first one. Actually, I like them all.

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    I remember thinking how awesome the Fish double row of pins handle was the first time I saw it. My opinion hasn't changed. Classy covey of cleavers all around.

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    You really can tell a Fish handle from a mile away, can't you?

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    Nice Andy! It is nice to see you posting more and of course your cleaver collection. I would never part with my fish handled knives!

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    Will be watching tomorrow, if you decide you want to part with any of these I am interested. Impressive set!!!

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    Great collection. I miss my cleavers perhaps one day I'll buy one again

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    I think I could do pretty well identifying these Andy...given that it is only a matter of matching them up (I could never do it cold). The Fish handles help. Very distinctive. The patinas on all of these are amazing.

    I don't know how you will decide which of these to part with. I would say the CCK, but you mentioned that one has strong sentimental value (on top of being a solid performer). I'm still trying to understand how you were able to sell this all those years ago!

    I'll look forward to hearing some more of your thoughts on these (and to the answers as to which one is which!).

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    A lot of great handles there, including the great Fish Mizuno handle, but that Takeda handle is just perfect, one of my favorite wa handles ever. Very nicely done sir.
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    They all look alike to me


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