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    Product vids

    6 new product videos is up

    All is custom made by my specs !

    Some SLD Black Damaskus:

    Zensho/Yoshikane SLD Kurouchi Damascus Petty 180 mm

    Zensho/Yoshikane SLD Kurouchi Damascus Kiritsuke 240 mm

    SKD Kasumi:

    Zensho/Yoshikane SKD Kasumi Gyuto 240 mm

    Zensho/Yoshikane SKD Kasumi Petty 150 mm

    My new Zensho line Santoku and Nakiri Blue 2 with SS cladding:

    Zensho Nakiri 180mm

    Zensho Santoku 180mm

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    I can vote for the Yoshi's - great knifes!

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    Man, I love that 180 petty.

    Yoshikanes are awesome, I've grown quite fond of my SKD gyuto in the last few months.

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    Black Damaskus Kiritsuke and Petty is now in stock

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    Cool Many new videos !!!

    Yaginoshima Asagi x 3

    Huge Hakka lv 2

    6 X Very Affordable Ohiras for Knives

    All stones is available in the store

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    I post also for razors
    The first one Kiita can be used for knives it dose not scratch soft steel super fine stone !!!

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    Oh man, that hakka is soooo fast and soo soft

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