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Thread: UPDATE - Please read if waiting for work from me - Part II

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    UPDATE - Please read if waiting for work from me - Part II

    Hello everyone, I have some things to share with you...

    First is that I've been offered some help, from a very kind member of this community, that will greatly assist me in speeding up the process of knife making.

    As a result, I’m in the process of acquiring a new 2x72” belt grinder which will be a HUGE upgrade to the very limited 2x48” grinder I currently use.

    I’ll explain what this means…

    The Plan

    As many of you are aware I have a backlog of pre-paid for Martell knives and an always growing stack of pre-paid for re-handle coupon work that constantly comes into the shop. I have a hard time fulfilling these pre-paid orders on a timely basis because I need to also make knives for sale to keep the lights on. This is a vicious cycle, that unfortunately, (out of necessity) currently favors the “for sale” work - This needs to change.

    The plan is that once I can begin using this new equipment effectively I’ll divide my time between the making of pre-paid knives/pre-paid re-handle work (fulfilling of outstanding orders) with the making of knives/handles (for interim income generation), as I have been doing, BUT with a shift towards a ratio that favors the pre-paid for work. This being possible with the increase in speed offered by the new grinder.

    The ultimate goal here is to catch up on the pre-paid backorders at a faster rate than previously possible and to reduce the current effects of the new work that is "cutting in line".

    Moving Forward

    The new grinder will not be in place until the mid-end of December so no significant change will be seen until the beginning of the New Year.

    In the meantime, I’m going to make a few changes in the process that I believe will help (at least) the pre-paid re-handle customers. I'm going to try again to co-ordinate incoming work to alleviate the amount of time that you have to be without your knives and to hopefully reduce your need for, and my anxiety to provide, constant updates. I’ll post more as soon as I can.

    To everyone waiting on me, thanks for your patience.


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    I think this sounds brilliant and a great way to move forward!

    Oh wait, you mean we can customize our signatures?

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    Great news, Dave.

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    Great work Dave, glad that you are heading to the right direction and moving forward!

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    gtalk: knivesandstones at gmail dot com

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    Stop posting and star grinding ya bum! Lol
    viva la revolucion !

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    Thanks for all the support folks...even Ryan

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    Good luck Dave and thanks and kudos to whoever it is that offered the helping hand.

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    As a quiet member (ok, lurker), I did get 'caught up' in this.

    Did things go horribly wrong? No. Dave made good.
    Did things go as I expected? Nope, product was delivered late (depending on how you count 4mo).
    Do I understand things go squirrely in life? Sure.

    So I'm here to vouch for Dave and his effort to get straight.

    BUT I will scold him AGGRESSIVELY for allowing me to have incorrect expectations. (It's not really important if it was a mistake, miscommunication, overly optimistic ability to magically get back on track, etc...)

    How was the process and communication? Like I said to Dave, it certainly wasn't perfect. Was I disappointed, yup, but I wasn't harmed. We made it back to even. But it did take a bit of 'wow' outta the experience of some great knives.

    A great product, a decent guy, it's unfortunate to see the stumbles. I'm here to support and say even when things went 'not perfect' we still got to the end-zone.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteLightning View Post
    (...) we still got to the end-zone.
    Uhm, that is a bit more info than necessary. I only need to know if you got your knife-related stuff done and not if you made it to second base...

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    Well said WL.

    Older and wider..

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