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Thread: Industry pro question.

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    when I was 2 I would wake up first, sneak up into kitchen, open closet with pots and pans and by throwing them all around, would look for "foodie" in it.
    When I was 3 or so I ate glass ball in shape of mushroom from christmas tree, parents found me sitting behind the tree eating last bits.
    When I was 6 and older the only road sign I would recognize was fork and spoon crossed, pretty much that stayed up until today.

    I was always in my home kitchen surrounded with handpicked mushroom, warm milk and still warm-dirty eggs, fresh herbs

    My first choice was a chefs college. Familys economy was poor then, and the school was 300km from home.
    I would stay for 3 of 4 years in dormitory eating only rice and drinking cheap tea. Just before graduation I got little homeless for two beautifull winter months[was thrown out from dorm for coming back from training too late at night], and sometimes wouldnt eat nothing for a week.
    But instead getting into dealing drugs I just pushed myself into graduating, ended up here and now, cooking for Noble piss prize and Norwegian King, working with chef apprenticing in Herman, Noma and lately Fat Duck.

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    I started working in a kitchen while going to school to get a teaching degree. Found that I loved it and switched to culinary school and have been doing this ever since. It is the only thing I want to do and I've never once regretted the switch despite being constantly broke and tired

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    I graduated from high school and needed a full time job.

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    To be honest I never planned on being a Chef but it looks like that is my current and future career. I was always pretty good at school and went to University and did a Degree in something that is a little like architecture, that sort of thing was always very interesting to me and I loved studying it. Unfortunately it's nearly 3 years since I left and basically there are no jobs in it whatsoever. I got into cooking by getting a weekend job washing dishes at University and got promoted a few times to where I get pretty good money in a reasonably fancy place. However I think I have sort of went as far as I can go in my current place of work and my plan is to move somewhere fancier where I can really learn again. Thing is, because I lack formal culinary training it looks like if I do get a new job I'll be on very low money for a while but hopefully it is worth the risk long term

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