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Thread: Footwear Poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajhuff View Post

    What kind of show from there? Clogs, a work boot, black athletic shoe?


    They are actually a dress shoe, but are water proof. Many of the shoes from shoes for crews are faux leather, but the Senators are all leather uppers and feel great. I am in the kitchen 70% of the time and never have any issues with soggy feet or stink. I beat them senseless, a little shoe shine and they are good as new. Be careful the shoes you buy from there as they can have crappy uppers, I have seen many fall apart and crack within 3 months, but the leather stuff is pretty good.

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    Aj, Profi birkis are the more sturdy rubber clogs. Perhaps they're called something else in the states.

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    Once again, check out the Sikas. They're expensive but if you never want to have to replace your kitchen shoes and have back or hip problems; go for them. My sciatic nerve was really giving me problems and I splurged for these and its made a remarkable difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dusty View Post
    I have those exact ones in black. I think they were 88$ without tax. I fully recommend them.

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    Have you guys tried these? The slip on version ofKeen Utility -- I've done the yellow box shoes you get from walmart (treadsafe, I think) and they gave me foot problems. I did the bistro crocs and they fell apart on me. Like the man said, fine for a small line but if you have to move a lot forget about it. Was about to get some birkis but these were way more comfortable and didn't slip around on my feet. Couple of months in and these are my favorite shoes I've ever owned. I would wear them everywhere if the gf let me.

    PS +1 on minimalist...just not in the kitchen; great for jogging.

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    Birki Professionals

    Or, the Alpro A630, which is what I wear. Birkenstock insoles, but no toe ridge like mentioned previously.

    You guys with the SFC and Crocs, man, I don't know how you do that to your feet, back, etc.
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    I'm quite happy with Merrell Jungle Moc's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crothcipt View Post
    I wear the birki's closed back clog. Had my first pair for 3 yrs. the second now for a year. Hate shoes for crew's the gave my feet up to my legs bad cramps, and pain with over a hour of standing or walking in them. I do a ton of turning and am bad on the soles of the shoes.

    I first fell in love with a clog style from a pair of free pair of "Klogs". Never could find more.
    Klogs makes great clogs for kitchen wear. If I had more disposable footwear funds I would snag a pair of these.

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    Thanks guys for the insights on back pain, leg pain and sciatic pain, all of which are an issue for me. I'll have to trk down to the big city and try some of these on since I have an extra wide foot that complicates things.

    Looks like most of you prefer clogs?

    Thanks again,


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