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Thread: Footwear Poll

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    I wear birki's ( the pro high backed ones ) in my current kitchen. We are lucky enough to have rubber mats to cover the entire floor area.

    This topic is of great interest to me, because I've always sought a sport-shoe orientated for normal pro kitchens ( hard floors, all time on feet ).

    One shoe I've been interested in is the ( keen PTC chef shoes ), they aren't imported into OZ ( I've been wearing there sandles/boat shoes for years) , so I would have to buy by order( without trying-on )

    Anyone have experience with these?

    Like this topic very much . My feet are in service 100% the day in the kitchen trade.



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    Really, no one is gonna mention Dansko's or Sanita? I have two pair of Dansko walkers seen here.

    Awesome awesome shoe. Love it tremendously and can't reccomend it enough if you are looking for an oxford type walker for all day wear in the kitchen.

    For a clog style the Dansko or Sanita professional.



    I swear by these shoes and they have a customer for life. Protip: Sanita was the original manufacturer for Dansko until several years ago. Dansko decided to not renew the contract with Sanita so they could get cheaper manufacturing in China. Sanita split off to get their own brand out there. But Sanita is the original Dansko basically. What does that mean for you? Quality control is better with Sanita and you can score them for about half price a lot of the time. Since the name brand isn't as recognized as Dansko you can get big discounts.
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    I just retired my Dansko clogs. I liked them, especially because they make me look taller but unfortunately I have a heavy right lean on the bike and the damn heel wore down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurkeCutlery View Post
    I had crocs bistro, and they were fantastic when I worked a small line and didn't walk much. But then I left them outside in the sun when wet and they shrank....I wore them anyways, they were too tight for a few months. One of the dumbest things I've ever done--ruined my life for a few years, lost some bone and a tonenail, and they almost had to amputate my foot(not kidding at all). All I'm saying is, get good shoes.

    The shoes for crews is what I'm wearing now because I am running around all day at my current job and they wear out so bloody fast. I can see the plastic poking through the heel in about 3 weeks. I lose the soles at about 4-5 months. I need to check for this "Black Label" thing from them.
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    I'm surprised no one mentioned Keen yet? I have very flat feet, and wearing clogs are incredibly uncomfortable for me. Keen are very flat shoes, and combined with gel inserts my feet never hurt.
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    I use Klogs brand. They are durable and mine have lasted 2 years with just replacing the insoles. I have used Birki's and Dansko and I like these the best so far.

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    Black Bistro Crocs

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    Dansko clogs feel like wearing high heels....which I only do on Tuesdays.

    On top of my 6 or so pair of different color Croc Bistro and Specialist, I just picked up some Sketcher Work Oswald rubber clogs for $40. So far I am liking them, but they run small; would suggest to anyone to go full size up...
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    vibrams makes a non slip kitchen shoe???

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    I have 4-5 years on my current pair of birk profis but they are on their last days. I have a new set waiting for the moment they give out. Prior to the profis, my feet hurt at the end of the day. They are a great shoe. The first week or so they tend to feel quite strange until your foot gets use to the different shape. You can remove the insole and run them through the dish machine. The insoles are replaceable for ~$20 (I replaced ~1.5yrs).

    I might have to check out a pair of the Sikas, they look great and sound like a healthy shoe.


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