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Thread: Badger Knife Show in Janesville, WI

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    Badger Knife Show in Janesville, WI

    I have not ever gone to this before, just because of schedule conflicts and I looked over the list

    and the only forum member I saw on there that I knew was Del Ealy. Any others that you know of?

    It is almost a two hour drive from where I live and it is about the same from the client I am going to on Friday, so I am not sure if I can make it, but I might be able to Friday afternoon.

    Anyone else going?

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    The show is fri sat and sunday, come on over we always love fresh meat
    Just kidding, we would love to have you.

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    How many kitchen guys are there ?

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    I plan on going.......Hoping to find some handle material.

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    My only score at the show.There was not any handle material worth buying.

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