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Thread: Time for a New Toy

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    If I may counsel prudence....

    If you are not sure about Chukabochos there is a carbon Dexter available on E-bay for ~$45.00. I love cleavers, believe they are a truly all-purpose knife, but check one out before spending any money. In all honesty, the old Dexter carbon Chukabocho I bought for $38.00 in 1982 will get the job done! Thay being said, a good gyuto seems to be the most common choice among everyone here.

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    The vintage one? Unfortunately I have to get another knife case before anything else. Old roll is dead. 2 years from a 25 dollar roll isn't bad at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by VoodooMajik View Post
    I think it's worth spending the money to help support a Canadian with a true talent.
    He definitely does have the talent. I can't wait for my custom from him.

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