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Thread: Scimitar or Suji

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    Quote Originally Posted by tkern View Post
    Prediction: The vintage scimitar Son puts up will be the fastest sale on this site. Smoke the 7 minute record that currently stands.

    As for the suj/scimitar decision: If you're not breaking down large piece of meat i.e. beef sides, whole pigs, goats, etc, then you probably don't need a scimitar and a suj. will suit you just fine. But on the other side, scimitars are just fun to have.
    Even for Son, beating the one minute record for that Carter suji will be difficult,(but not impossible). We're going to need to start using a stop watch if this keeps up

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    Quote Originally Posted by scott6452 View Post
    I had the same i decided to go for a hybrid, a combination of both. Here was the result...

    That thing is INSANE! I see Kramer and know that thing is way out of my $$$$$$$ leauge.

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    Haha don't worry im not crazy enough for a Kramer yet either. It is a Stephan Fowler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyChance View Post
    Suji will be more versatile, but the scimitar will work better for butchery. You should be able to get a used or even new scimitar for $50 or less (like here) so if you can expand your budget a bit, or buy one, wait a bit, and then the other, you can still end up with both.
    I got that scimitar for my brother in law who kills and butcher deer. It's a great light-weight but robust knife that'll be available for the foreseeable future. If you're set on one, wait and see what Son has to offer then make a decision.

    Otherwise, just get a sujihiki, which does a lot of things well, but I wouldn't use it for butchering anything.

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    Looking forward to the vintage scimitar! now I feel like I can never leave this site for more than fifteen minutes

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