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Thread: Norwegian musicians

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    Norwegian musicians

    Here are some norwegian artist I want to share with you, cause these artist might be unknown for most of you.

    Jarle Bernhof - C´mon talk

    Donkeyboy - Ambitions

    Elvira Nikolaisen - Love I Can´t defend:

    Venke Knutson - Kiss

    Marit Larsen - Under the surface

    Lene Marlin - sitting down here

    anyone want me to post more norwegian music?

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    Didn't you miss a-ha?

    I cooked them dinner once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty dog View Post
    Didn't you miss a-ha?

    I cooked them dinner once.
    Aha was international well known
    Great group I live close by to the singer. However I need to introduce you to other norwegian artists

    Kurt Nilsen - She´s so high

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