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Thread: Happy 1st Birthday KKF

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    Quote Originally Posted by The BoardSMITH View Post
    For those who have sent PM's so far...
    LOL... really guys?

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    Just have to say I have a walnut board from David and it is spectacular. If you can get in on this you are one lucky guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UCChemE05 View Post
    LOL... really guys?
    I was thinking the same. I'm pretty excited about this, but come on

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    Those who already pm'd are now excluded from participating

    I received a walnut/mahogany board yesterday and it far surpassed my expectations. The little lady called it a work of art. Whomever gets the deals will be happy campers

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    Congrats in advance to whomever gets the boards

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    Good luck to the first PM senders. I have a wonderful boardsmith, and I know there will be some more happy users out there. I suppose about now people are starting to monitor when Dave comes online, looking for that green little dot and his username at the bottom of the main forum page. When that happens, the board vultures will be out

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    Remember the rules...

    The replies must be by PM so I can have a date and time stamp.
    The first responder gets the first board offered. If they decline the offer will go to the next one in line and so on until the five boards and Board Butters are gone.

    I will contact each of the responders to see what their choice is until I have gone through the boards.

    I will post on the forum the results.

    Good luck to all.

    [B]OPEN! Start the PM's.[/B]

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    I have 3 boards already, so I will just lean back and watch the frenzie... Good luck!


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    The race is on!

    Thanks for doing this!

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    If I wasn't waiting on my custom board from you Dave, I'd be jumping all over this. Thanks for celebrating the KKF birthday in style!

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