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Thread: first last grail

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    Deep South Texas
    First: Martell Rehandled Hiro

    Last: Martell 240 Wa-Gyuto

    Grail: 210 Gyuto, hollow ground from Butch in CPM154 or O1. Similar to grind to the laser pettys. 45mm tall, buckeye handle with dark ferrul, copper pins, black liner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonlord View Post
    Is this what you were talking about
    Yes that is the stuff I want a knife made of!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deckhand View Post
    I thought about that meteorite Damascus. How ridiculous in a good way and awesome. How does anyone ever top that.
    Easy 1,000,000 layer meteorite Damascus. With an 18 kt "indestructible" gold bloster maybe?

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    First: Tanaka Damascus Nakiri w/ Ironwood Handle

    Last: Devin Thomas 150mm Carbon Petty

    Grail: A collaborative work between all the knife makers here. Taken place over 1 month in an undisclosed location, and the dvd copy of the HBO miniseries inspired by the event!! (Maybe, just maybe, I've had a bit too much to drink)

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    First, Murray Carter 6.5 sun SFGZ Funy. Badass lil knife

    Last, Delbert Ealy 150mm convex ground AEB-L petty.

    Grail, Bill Burke 225mm gyuto in damascus 2100 with buffalo horn handle. Hello

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    No customs yet. Lots of semi customs though

    Grail: BB and DT

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    First was either my Rodrigue, or sort of, my Carter that I changed the handle on.
    Last one was a Carter suji that I got from Rick. Not surprisingly, the three I just mentioned get lots of use!
    My Grail knife is undecided, but it'll likely be a collaborative effort between Pierre and myself. I also have a thing for Randy's knives, so I really can't decide on this one.

    *I need to add that I think I am struggling with the "Grail", because I get to use it whenever I want. I think I'll have a hard time topping the Rodrigue....

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    First: Carter 240 funayuki
    Last: Rader 10 in gyuto
    Grail: Kramer damascus gyuto, meiji handle
    Burke 52100 gyuto

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