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Thread: Random: Anyone else watching Murray "Charles Bronson" Carter?

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    Random: Anyone else watching Murray "Charles Bronson" Carter?

    Have you guys been watching the new Carter Cutlery videos? Something about the music, the 'stache, the speeches at the beginnings...something about it all is just really hilarious to me. This isn't a diss. Just wanted to share and see if anyone else had the same reactions. Told you it was random.

    Here are some examples:

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    His videos irritate me, not sure why, lol. Its because of his videos and emails that I took so long to finally buy one, and even then it took a lot of convincing.

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    I think they are intended to be stylized and entertaining, but end up silly/nerdy. Its ok with me, I like them better than 8 minute staredown monologues.

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    Just to be sure, in the first video it is not how Japanese Natural stones is quarrying !!
    Basically it is just leftovers or junk from old mines they collect there and sell

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    I have seen a couple of the Japanese travelogue vids and enjoyed them...

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    Doesn't anyone have a sense of humor these days?

    What century are we in?

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    I thought they were funny. They don't bother me; they just make me crack up internally.

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    To me, the question is: "If it weren't Murray Carter in those videos would I bother watching beyond a minute or two?" Don't own any of his knives, but based on his rep I stuck with it.

    I quit the first one after 10 min, waiting for something important to happen. Learned my lesson and quit #2 in about 90 seconds.

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    The worst part is how he can put his name beside 330mate, Fujibato, Nakaoka, he have many names on internet, quick search show you who he is and what stones he sell

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    Thought both videos were sorta interesting. The second one was a little odd with the motorbike but it is an interesting idea he has with giving store credit if you send him your jigs. He has his own style and I don't see anything wrong with it

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