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Thread: Blade 2012

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    This will be my first year going but id only imagine that there be enough for anyone to enjoy. I myself enjoy doign handles so looking to score some ivory and other nice pieces

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    So did anyone go? I am wondering how the kitchen knife presentation went. (crosses fingers it wasn't laughable)

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    Ive followed blade on bladeforums.

    Not quite my cup of tea. However Shun Tayo was kitchen knife of the year. Ive never seen one, so I can't tell about it.

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    i was home helpig kelly recover for an OP i will be shooting hard for next year (depending on how things go maybe even see abut gettting a table )

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    Very good show. Seem like more custom maker were trying their hand a kitchen knives than in the past. Stephen Fowler told me kitchen knives were his main sellers this year. Seemed like there were fewer Japanese makers than in the past but more German and Italian. Missed that Shun that won the price.

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    One of the few I found on the net:

    BB to the left

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