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Thread: My Gastronomy...

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    I have another cooking thought.

    Why dont I have any photo of risotto?

    Well the reasons are I think its impossible to serve risotto to more than two people and keeping quality at right level. For table of 4 people you have to have 2 chefs.

    It also depends how many items is landing on top of rice once its plated.
    Im saying, so I warm up risotto, add puree for example, lets make that pumpkin puree. Stock. Mix gently. When its hot, season, lemon juice, butter, whipped cream, parmesan.
    Taste, season etc. So I think when its ready, it should be out AFAP or its overcooking. Or it actually is overcooking the minute its hot.

    Lets say garnish is pukpkin dice, sautee chestnuts and roasted shallots. And a salad.
    So in the meantime I have to heat up, season, glaze the garnish and herb it.
    Plate rice, plate garnish, put salad and cheese on top.
    Thats a lot of working, I wouldnt serve it alone for four people, I think it would get damaged by the time Im finished with plating.

    Another thing is why I dont cook it at home. Its cause I think to pre cook rice well I need best stock possible. That means I begin prep the day before, set on stock, if its chick or beef, or prep it first thing in the morning, if its vegetable or fish stock.
    Very labour intensive for a simple meal at home.
    I might do it on special occasions though, cause I love good rich risotto !!

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    Whole wheat flour and plain regular flour.

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    ....This smell of artichokes boiling in water with some olive oil....
    .... And the taste of vinegar/butter glaze with chives....

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    todays breakfast: home made bread, homemade pate of beef and white wine, tomatoes and olive oil friends brought back from italy

    damn its enough

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    Great bread. My girls want cereal...even so I still get up early to bake bread.

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    OH yeah totally, woke up 5 am that sunday to bake it ready for breakfast

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    So, had a day off today so Ive been preparing tortellini with oxtails.

    Ill write report on whats my thoughts about it later on, go to sleep now

    Then we still get fresh - and see how fresh that salmon is! fish. Its really great pleasure to take it apart and almost therapeutic.
    And staff food just a simple cold bette [betroot stalks] soup with smoked salmon.

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    So that was a weekend folks, I worked from 3am til 11 pm on saturday and 4am til 4 pm on sunday, I mention this cause monday was my wedding anniversary

    Couldnt do without some bite

    starter was turbot cake with parsley and pickled ginger serve with white asparagus tops and dried cherry toms marinated in mirin

    Main pan fried turbot [magnificent creature, got a 3kg fish], olive fried pappers and courgette, caramelised red onion boiled in vinegar and parsnip puree again with olive oil.

    And ended up with red plums, blueberry jam made a la minute and vanilla cream cheese and lemon rind.

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    Oh myyyy......
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    Bieniek....what beautiful plates...and food....and presentation. Not my style of presentation, but I'd love to be served a plate like that!
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