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Thread: My Gastronomy...

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    Well done Chef!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zwiefel View Post
    Bieniek....what beautiful plates...and food....and presentation. Not my style of presentation, but I'd love to be served a plate like that!
    Thanks a lot Zwiefel, you know, the presentation depends only on the type of porcelain I have for the job. It would look different if I have different plates.
    I work at catering company an we get a lot of private parties at home under 30 guests and you would love to see when I have a cake that is 12 cm long and Im presented with a dessert plate that is 14-15cm in diameter

    I cannot say this is my favourite way but nothing much I could do to fix it. I just like clean looks so already the main course plater is getting heavy for my likings

    Lucretia, thanks a lot
    Josh, thanks chef!

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    The saturday I started at 3am, this is the fantastic sunrise at halv past five.

    Cheffing outside

    This is Fram, the first ship to be on multi polar explorations both south and north end. It has now own building-museum, and the welthy can buy a dinner on the deck.
    On thursday Princess of Holland was eating there with some kind of fundation.

    Let me tell you this Nansen guy was a totally crazy ******. This is canoe he used back then, 100 years ago in some serious coldness.
    The story goes that once one of the canoes broke from its mounting, and started just canoeing away, by itself. Nansen took down his clothes, his watch, and started swimming to catch it. Almost drowned, but finally he catched the damn thing, and one his way back he managed to shot two birds.
    In the kayak there was food clothes and guns so they would be over if it was lost. But anyway real man or what?

    Little closer to earth - trays for twelve hundred


    This was funny dinner - 30 people in a house from a dream. Propably around few square kilometres with baroque interior and one plate that costs enough to pay my salary.

    They say we are all equal, but some are equaller.

    But I love the dish, just pasta, shallots sweat on butter, parmesan, chives and truffle microplaned over.
    Simple ? I wish I had 30 saucers, 1 guest one pot, My favourite style

    Pan fried salmon. Not dry in the middle

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    Fridays night fever:

    Halibut with mint "crust", peppers, cucumber, emulsion of peppers and cucumber , cumin cream and deep fried pistachios.

    Haviland to begin with

    Youre not worth a damn if you dont eat your food

    Lamb with spinach puree and dried tomatoes, sauce is burned tomato - curry. On the side mint-garlic dip and apple-mango deep and naan.

    I lost rest of pics will add them later on.

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    I could hurt myself on that lamb. Looks wonderful! Love the idea of the dried tomatoes with it--might have to try that next time.

    Now is not the time to bother me. And it's always now. Wiley Miller

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    Just amazing posts.

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    looks really good chef

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    Great pics bieniek. How was that halibut prepared? Is it cured? Did you add the mint "crust" before or after cutting it, if it was in a large piece?

    I know what you mean about equality.........most of the people I cater for are disgustingly rich. There kitchens are twice the size of my entire house and cost 2x as much too. It's nice to turn on the oven and get that "new oven smell" when the family has lived there for at least a year.
    But they all have crappy knives.
    If "Its" and "Buts" was candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas
    -Cleon "Slammin'" Salmon

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    Thanks ma'am! Yes I must admit the "Lamb 6" sous vide went quite well...

    Guys thanks, but pumbaa, Im not a chef yet. Just a commis.

    The fish was sugar salted - I use my fingers but would say no more than 5-10 grams of sugar and max 10-15 grams salt/kg. Its precut to pieces first. Stays overnight.

    Next day roughly two hours before serving I bake it about 39 degrees [rationals might lie by 10 degrees when on low temps ] for about 40 minutes.
    The "crust" is applied around 30 minutes before serving.
    So what I do I blitz mint and breadcrumbs and butter and toasted sesam seeds and stuffs in thermomix but any mixer will do until its smooth paste without overheating.
    Then I lay it on silicon paper 2-3mm thick layers and freeze it. Cut to pieces little bigger than the fish bits.
    Then I take fish, turn it upside down and place it on the crumb and cut the crumb to size.
    Than I flash heat it with blowtorch. Salamander will do. Freezer messes up the colour a little but the heating fixes that.
    Additionally the as it melts it matches the 3D shape of fish's surface

    Heh yeah those people have all top class, but they never used any of it. They have regular day to day lady who cooks and cleans. Walk-in fridge and freezer at home.
    Knives were shuns globals and sabatiers. all thrown in one big drawer.

    One big improvement comes to my home. Sous vide.
    Bake own everydays bread already. From now on also will make own hams, paastrami for example, and cold cuts.
    Never thought this day would come. haha

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    Some comfort stuff.

    When I was younger an poorer I would eat rice with ketchup like every other day for 2 years or so. Im terribly sick of it, but sometimes it goes good with some topping.

    as simple and humble as it gets.

    And plated
    Fried peppers onions, garlic, floured pork, carrots,

    Dont need bath to get my pork juicy - not rested long enough I just could wait

    Sweet finish, sundays cake

    Oxtails at home.

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