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Thread: My Gastronomy...

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    I'm not offenden B - at all I just don't want to take this subject any further - and start a war. Forums are great but when you AND I write stuff - it can easily be misunderstood. Better just to stop here because I don't think anything constructive will come out of this.

    Peace ...

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    The trip continues

    I had some thinking lately, apart from 100 hour weeks.

    The guy that discovered mayonnaise, it really must have been a genius. Totally. I dont know if anything would be that hard nowadays.

    And the other. I know where to look for perfection - in The Nature !!

    Pigs skin

    Its been a hell of a month but still found time to mess about little with some baguette. Simple breakfast at 5pm , after 12 hours at work

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    You guys are fun. Reading this post made me feel European again. Thank you.

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    Arent those a beauties??

    I cannot understand why would you rape them by peeling with peeler !

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    So the menu from yesterday.

    Sea bream
    I got the day before, scaled, gutted and filleted/ cleaned with my debbie and great joy. Instead cutting off the whole segment of meat with bones in the middle, I tweezed them out.
    The scoring was done only on the thickest part of meat to hopefully cook the fish through all in the same time. Pan fried fillets. Salt and white pepper.

    Italian small pots peleed cooked with salt until just tender, maszed with spoon plenty of extra virgine and lemon juice. At the end dropped tarragon and chopped chives. Salt and white pepper

    Blanched until just undercooked. I actually like that under, with a little bite. After glazed/emulsified with butter/blanchingwater and chives. Salt and white pepper

    Chutney of red paprikas
    This was most time consuming but also prepped on the very same evening.
    First I cut the seeds with the sprig and cleaned insides of the white stuff inside. After I spreaded inside pepperoncino extra virgin with garlic and tarragon. Sticked bay leaf into each pepper, set with the hole down and baked at 230 until burned but still not chewy.
    After peeled, and cooked in butter and olive oil with sugar until desired consistency.
    This is totally new invention of mine. I never seen anyone doing that nor heard of one. I just thought It would taste cool and checked.
    The taste was very buttery smooth with bits of pepper still retaining the peppers taste, it actually had good body with sugar and pepperoncino working well together. There was some hotness in it, but not attacking you, in the underflavour. Finished with tarragon before serving.
    Actually goes pretty well together, chili tarragon and capsicum.

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    Sounds fabulous!

    Dessert? Looks like a vanilla bean custard with orange segments and pistachio chocolate bark?

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    excellent pics and great looking food. If at any time before I wanted to jump through my computer to the other side this takes the cake, err... custard.

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    Thanks Lucretia and Crothcipt

    I forgot the dessert

    Its white chocolate and vanilla mousse, orange and
    the choco is made of first preparing mix of glucose sugar and caramelising it. Whisking in cold butter and cooling down. Almost like you would make nougatine but without nuts.
    After its crushed to a powder, spreaded and tray covered with sugar mat/baking paper and bakd in oven until it melts and creates 1mm thick layer of thick crisp.
    Cools down, you melt dark choco, and selection of flavourings is entirely up to you, cognac, porto reduction, mint, vanilla. Spread it on top of caramel crisp and quickly throw in pistachios.
    At this point you can leave it or make small piping bag of white chocolate and drizzle the top.

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    Time for a small update.
    We have some dinners outside of town, in a small place with beatifully restored farmhouse building, which in the very old times was a stable.
    They want to have rustic feel about the food selection and presentation. Expecially main course [there was a argument once about putting big parsley top on every dish...]
    I was there yesterday serving for 14.

    starter was smoked trout, trout roe, leek-potato cream, potato chips, small salad and dill oil.

    The main was venison fillet, portsauce, potato gratin, asparagus, baby carrot, baby courgette, beans, small red and white onions - first conserved in house.

    ended with black choco mousse on crisp base, caramelised white chocolate, berries, marengues with liofilized raspberries, apple-caramell syrup and yoghurt sorbet.

    The liofilized raspberries are the only sosa[artificial ] thing used in all that

    Tomorrow have a four course with ravioli again. Am thinking about making 5 little ones per portion.

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    Beautiful work and thank you for sharing.
    Twitter: @PeterDaEater

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