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Thread: My Gastronomy...

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    I want to bring all the photos of what I made personally, so after years it will be nice to look at. Some of the photos you maybe seen before, some are from few years back.

    Raviolo from the first post

    at home blini - f*ck caviar

    been chasing mushrooms

    one night in utdanningsforbundet

    thai night

    chix night

    carrot cake

    Choco with dark choco mousse

    I actually dont remember what fish was that... Its in Danmark, @ CELF school. Stuffed courgette, asparagus, dried tomato, chive beurre blanc

    This is my favourite duck. Its rolled confit duck leg marinated 48 hours in orange zest, lemon zest, thyme, black pepper, garlic, fennel seeds, cumin, cardamon, etc
    After its cooked and picked, its mixed with emulsion of 1/3 oyster sauce 1/3 demi glace and 1/3 butter. And plenty of chives and parsley
    Its from winter menu [hence slow cooking] with dried fruits chilli chutney balsamic reduction and simple salad. Fancy salad but could go with mache also as for wintery leaves

    from my time in London

    duck breast fondant pots, carrot puree savoy cabbage roll

    snapps, gnocchi, rattatouille, balsamic, rocket.

    Damn who put that much dressing on thr salad??!

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    Awesome as usual!
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    Everyday working day in the morning we produce cheap lunch for up to 20 people, they pay around 20 bucks for total 500g of food.
    It includes two cold cuts, two cold fish, a salad, green leaves, sliced veg, fresh bread and 100g per person is hot food.
    This is some from one day
    I love to prepare this its so cool when you run looking for produce you could use.

    back at home, I deserve this. Regular fondant but not so regular. Black chocolate is used and cocoa powder instead half flour.

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    kreativ marketing

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    Quote Originally Posted by bieniek View Post
    What is shime saba?

    Im staying home alone for a whooole month.

    Im going to go crazy cooking
    Looking delish. Shime saba is just the usual vinigar/salt cured Mackerel. The curing process transforms the fish into another dimension.

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    Sourdough bread baked in roman pot. Rye with sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.

    The leaven itself was propably started just after world war 2. I got it from bakery based in my hometown, the bakery is very very old, it propably is older than united states.

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    I have holidays. Simple everyday low buck dinners.

    Halibut panfried with baked sweet potato and just lemon-butter glaze.
    Turkey roulades stuffed with fried spinach with garlic/shallot. First drowned in bath, haha black magic and then pan fried.
    I buy whole chickens. Where would I get base for my reductions/sauces otherwise?

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    Cell phone - I use my old Nokia

    From winter menu - pan fried cod with gnocchi beans dried tomato salad and butter sauce

    Winter menu - Slow cooked leg of lamb, picked, mixed with lamb reduction and butter, lots of parsley, rolled and reheated in lamb stock before served. Served with big cubes of swede, carrot, potato

    Winter menu Variation about the cofit duck leg roll with maché

    Winter menu skin frie salmon stuffed with pickled ginger [homemade] on vinegared cabbage with honey and raisins and a sauce, hm, to make it simple made with honey and vinegar caramell, oyster sauce, good glace, and plenty of spices

    No menu, my dinner the other day with fillet leftovers. beans plus mache, grilled peppers and courgette.

    Winter menu. High temp confit pork belly, mashed fat potatoes with wild mushroom "ragout". This is the first ever presentation which then was changed sereval times.

    Winter menu. Hot rice pudding with marinated cherries and cherry coulis/sauce. Should also contain cherry-kirschwasser sorbet but this was serve as amuse-bouche so without the ice. Table of five

    My variation over tomato-mozzarella salad with bloody mary sorbet. Over the top looks like shite.

    My first sausage try is getting ready to get dried a little in the oven

    Brownie with caramelised plums. A gimmick

    And again - youre not worth a damn, if you dont eat your food!

    ALL of those photos are taken during my time in hotel when was in charge of the bar. Winter menu was mine, photos miss cullen skink for which i smoked my own haddock, simpler bar options like mackrell etc

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    Reply to the first post ------>That looked like an awesome meal. Great job with the pictures and little descriptions, I feel like I was part of the dinner party. Bet that duck confit with oyster sauce tasted amazing
    Last edited by xavier; 07-18-2012 at 03:47 AM. Reason: got excited by the first post, didnt actually look at the rest :)

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    Cheers xavier. I like when people enjoy my food or the story, if you dont get the chance to eat it [like here]

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