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Thread: My Gastronomy...

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    Seeing this kind of plating reminds me of a nature hike in a good way. Great stuff.

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    So today was 17th of may, In Norway a very important date. Now, im nowhere near being Norwegian, but every occasion is good to eat some sexy food, isnt it?

    So NO STARTERS today.

    Chicken Galantine stuffed with chicken mousse with slow saute onions and parsley.
    Roasted in own juices and stock from the carcass.

    Boiled new potatoes with butter

    Simple salad with asparagus, cheese, toms

    Dessert is rhubarb jam with honey, and my very own rum and raisin ice cream.
    Oh and i felt little bored so i made batch of rustic tuille also.

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    I was little unsure how would dessert go. I mean, rhubarb goes great with custard, with raisins and with rum [if you drink enough ] But howwould it go with all those ingredients mixed together?

    well enough

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    Nice ballotine....

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    I love it when you post things you've cooked. For my taste your balance between appearance, preparation, and respect for the ingredients is absolutely perfect.

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    hey, its not that good, but thanks!!

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    Well played Sir!
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    Looks delicious. I may do this soon but with a duck and some foie gras mousse I need to get rid of! Tell me more about the mousse inside of your chicken.
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    it sure looks delicious great way to roast a bird. but knife need rehandle

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    DK chef that knife needs to get thrown away, my only wiktorinox still standing is the bread knife...

    Knyfeknerd, the mousse was pretty straight forward:

    500g of meat, 10-20grams of parsley with stalks all together, salt, pepper, 2 whole eggs
    around 10 good sized cloves of garlic, one big white onion, something of the medium sized spanish onion. Both finely chopped

    I sautee garlic and onion for around an hour[just oil], but couldnt really tell you how long. I smell it, and when I like the smell, its done.
    First off it will smell raw, after quarter maybe little sweet'ish and then mellow, i dont stir too much and after some more time it begins to caramelise. At that stage i fry it couple of minutes and its done.
    You could cook onion differently but I wouldnt use raw onion, i think you dont roast the chicken for long enough to break down the onions and garlic well enough.

    I add this to the meat and drive it all until smooth. Season rather well.

    I dont refrigerate it just waits for the few minutes i take to bone out the chicken.

    Now, I dont know how it would go with foie gras... Duck is definitely a great idea with the thick layer of fat. Great bird for stuffing
    I never tried with foie gras cause if I eat it, I just pan fry and slice some apple with it!

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