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Thread: My Gastronomy...

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    Time for a little update.

    Ive found a shop where you could get pheasant and pigeon, unfortunately frozen, and disgusting.

    Nevertheless, when I do a bird, and it applies especially to roasted birds, the garnish for me is tournee veg. Now, I know this is crazy oldschool and stuff, but it still is impressive garnish and its good. I havent carved veg for like 5 years so my skill was a little rusty but i really enjoyed the time I spent doing it. Wouldnt mind getting somewhere where I could do just that for a few months.

    Ive cut both down. Wanted to try sous vide on breasts and confit on legs. Went crap. Problem is, when I cooked that stuff before, I used to use fresh produce. Frozen shite is not my favourite to say the least.

    Triple sauce.
    First boiled veg stock, then checken stock with new veg, and finally game bones with yet another portion of veg. Very sticky

    pumpkin puree

    Here is some sweets - poormans choco muffins without chocolate.

    Sausage with leeks

    And now, I wanted to try some funky stuff. This is interpretation of Thomas Kellers Octopus. Again, got the meat frozen. And terrible quality.
    Im finding less and less acceptance for frozen foods. Especially when its something expensive. This stuff was very expensive for being a frozen pile of crap. Like 150 dollars per kilo[!], not counting electricity, time spent and spices/herbs.
    All of my efforts got shite anyway.
    I was too lazy to take like two hours trip just to buy decent Chorizo, at work I found out before serving that we were empty for the god damn sausage. So I used salami instead. The foam is salami, should be chorizo. Its actually very simple to do. On a slow flame sweat the chopped sausages, mix the fat with milk and lecithine. Season. Whip with handheld mixer and voila. [Haha foam on everything foam! foam! foam!]
    Paprikas were peeled and sauteed briefly with butter.
    From the dressing I dropped tarragon. Its corriander, basil, parsley and capers.

    Even though I didnt get what I wanted, I like the appearance and will try again.

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    Nice stuff B! Love the tourneed veg. It's so old school and so pointless, but I really do love it and appreciate it. Thanks for sharing.
    If "Its" and "Buts" was candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas
    -Cleon "Slammin'" Salmon

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    Making me hungry

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    Pictures are not working :/

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    Arent they? I can see them

    Thanks guys. Hehe yeah it is oldschool but so are diced/chunked/whole veg[baby carrots brrrrr]

    All is oldschool

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    1. Clean duck breats of any veiny stuff and excess fat.
    2. Smoke the duck breasts, and the offcuts.
    3. Melt the fat and simmer together with all the nasty bits for few hours.
    4. Prepare veg, dice garlic, shallots, carrots, leeks.
    5. Melt the fat again and throw in veg.
    6. Simmer for few hours. I mean simmer.
    7. Store refrigerated for few days
    8. When ccleaning chicken breasts, keep vings.
    9. Bone the vings.
    10. Prepare fine stock veg.
    11. In the pan, and a little of the duck fat roast the bones well.
    12. Throw in veg and continue roasting. When dark and deep move the content of the pan to a pot, and deglaze the pan.
    13. Simmer the stock until ready
    14. On the same pan, on medium heat, roast the meat from vings.
    15. Add that meat to the duck confit and simmer until chicken is tender but holds its shite together. Cool until warm.
    16. Degalze the pan and add the juice to your stock.
    17. strain the stock and reduce until syrupy. Cool to warm - under 60 degrees.
    18. In some powerfull mixer blend together the meats, the glace and the duck fat.
    19. Add eggs and seasoning.
    20. Bake until deep brown in 180 degrees for country style[the sugars should help it catch colour, plus its colour by this point should be brownish], or in bain marie on 150 degrees for more refined look. Around 30 minutes should do it. Check with a stick, it doesnt necessary have to come out dry, but must be warm.
    21. Chill and store for a day in refrigerator.

    For the refined look: Whip butter and add white truffles or oil and season well. Keep it at room temp.
    Spread plastic film over work surface. Spread thin even layer of butter over, place the pate on top. Spread even layer of truffle butter over the top and sides.
    Cover pate with plastic, Let the butter set a little in the fridge, the smoothen out the surface with rollling pin or warm pastry knife.

    All this from offcuts and vegetables, which for most part dont cost much. It will get used in the cheap lunch I prepare everyday.

    I didnt mean to write about that, but theres a deeper sense in this.

    Ive just seen a chef on TV making a soup. Boiled jerusalem artichokes and blended them. Voila!

    ??He might have flavour there, but where is the body ?

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    they r working now . nice looking octopus dish

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    Nice looking plates man.

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    cheers man

    Again been at the Haviland palace

    Make sure you supersize these

    Amuse of simple grilled foccacia bits with baked paprika yellow and red with capers, green onion, shallots, olive oil, tarragon parsley and corriander.

    Starter of king crab with aubergine puree, chick peas puree and green oil and green dressing not shown.

    Main of saffron risotto with mushroom, grilled veg, and filet steak

    Dessert of lemon tart. For me theres no garnish required, so complete course.

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