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Thread: My Gastronomy...

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    oh and today had they three bread to choose from: my sourdough, bought sourdough, and foccacia

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    Thanks for updating, although not a big fan of chestnuts - I enjoy following your work

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    Snack for new years eve - yeast dough with sea salt and cumin

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    You know what this logo means?

    Bellota quality meal

    Yes, this is pig

    This one is trying to got out of the box

    This one has been well shaped but has some bruises left

    An this one is barley soup on chicken stock and with some serious sausage.

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    Wow, that belotta looks awesome! What did you do with it?
    In order to make delicious food, you must eat delicious food. Jiro Ono

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    55 centigrade for 7 hours and then light frying.

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    Awesome as usual, thanks for sharing Chef!
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    I think I need some barley soup, looks wonderful!
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    Thanks guys, no problem.

    Do it Jim, its just so cheap comfort food.

    One chicken carcass plus all the peelings for stock free
    5 carrots costed me ~1.30$
    2 white onions 1$
    celeriac half a head 2.50$
    parsnip 1.20$
    leek 0.70$
    sausage 4.50$
    water + salt+ pepper + bayleaves lets say 1$

    Dinner for three for three days 12.20$

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