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Thread: My Gastronomy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bieniek View Post
    Thanks guys, no problem.

    Do it Jim, its just so cheap comfort food.

    One chicken carcass plus all the peelings for stock free
    5 carrots costed me ~1.30$
    2 white onions 1$
    celeriac half a head 2.50$
    parsnip 1.20$
    leek 0.70$
    sausage 4.50$
    water + salt+ pepper + bayleaves lets say 1$

    Dinner for three for three days 12.20$

    You totally forgot the cost of the barley lol add another $.50
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    Yes its truth, Ive "borrowed" it from work thats why

    Cheap anyway Twelve dollars in here doesnt buy you a happy meal at Macdonalds

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    Quote Originally Posted by bieniek View Post
    Yes its truth, Ive "borrowed" it from work thats why

    Cheap anyway Twelve dollars in here doesnt buy you a happy meal at Macdonalds
    same up here in Canada

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    OK spanish night

    dessert "wine"


    main was pata negra from Cas Alba, presa de bellota, saffran risotto king oyster mushroom and spinach. did not have enough time for pic
    starter potato garlic emulsion, peppers sous vide, jerez reduced with shallots and beurre noir and potato chips

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    Woah- oddly similar to some flavors combos/profiles I've been playing with myself lately... And not ones I typically fool around with either, as they weigh on the heavy side(not a big fan of Winter TBO)...

    Nice simple composition. Detailed- but not overwrought. Nice work.
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    Cheers Josh.
    One of the meals I really enjoyed serving. Open kitchen and 11 experienced diners.
    Winter is cool though

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    So a sushi called exclusive... How can you call exclusive a frozen tuna and the cheapest fish around? Ordered sea bass got sea bream. Yeah
    Yeah but thats just the way up here. You just try to play the best game with the hand you have

    Had to be at work at 5 am to get this done. Even though I can see so many things wrong about it, I just am a total arsse and amateur but I really enjoy those kinds of projects.

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    I love your work chef!
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    OK time for a little update. This thread got little dusty first reason was lack of time but also not a lot of very cool cooking around.

    This time however, I was back at the Havilland china place

    Start off, prepping some crispy smoked bacon and pancetta.

    This here is potato skins fried crispy, banana shallots fried crispy and this all broken to little crunchy bits and blended, this crunch was on top of the meat.

    Time for amuse bouche
    Puree of corn, tomato chutney with red onion, quaills egg or a part of it, and a fennel chip

    "Eggs with moustache" one guy laughed at me

    I wasnt sure aboutthe combination but it went quite well. First of course came the tomato, but under that there was corn and creaminess of the yolk. the crunch gave it some freshness so not that bad altogether.

    Gorgeous silver tray...

    First course of the evening,

    Asparagus, asparagus puree, that crispy bacon, white bread toast, baby red onions conserved and filled with caramelised onion puree trout roe, shiso and radish

    That was also reason I cried, cause I prepped all myself, but not the asparagus! And the boy that vacpacked it for some reason added lemon juice. That is the bit of catering that is totally crappy. There was just no way to fix it.

    Homemade sourdough rolls. Two sesames, pumpkin and sunflower seeds


    Calfs rump, fried potato fondants, slice of olive baked beeff tomato, and courgettes fried and rolled. Baby turnip on the top. This supposed to be summer theme but I had to use hollandaise, with wild garlic.

    Vanilla mousse with rhubarb poached, strawberry and rhubarb ice.

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    Beautiful meal! Glad to see this thread revived.
    once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right

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