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Thread: My Gastronomy...

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    My Gastronomy...

    Im thinking of some stuff here...

    Its hard to explain. I dont like where the modern gastronomy is going. Or the worlds cuisine. I would like it to be more chefs crazy about the food more than cooking fancy shite.

    I dont think you could ever get to perfection, or even very good, but by constant repetition of the few things you like to do, and by thinking about them all the time, you can get that little bit better.
    I also think, spreading your focus on too many things get you nowhere. Use your energy wisely.
    Chef to me means great care. I am not good enough to care greatly about all there is to the food.

    I came to think of it, when preparing for sundays little party for 20 pax.

    I like to bake bread.
    Here are some baguettes early in the morning, for them to rise overnight, then next day Id roll them again and twist. Rise, add some stuff on top, and bake

    Now, taking the dough right isnt enough. The baking is as important as every single small detail

    Youre not worth a damn if you dont eat your food

    On second starter I have ravioli, here is king crab meat I just picked with salmon I took apart day ago, mixed with dill stalks, french red garlic, lemon zest, expensive virgin and bay leaves.

    My oven is clean

    Slowly slowly

    Afterwards I leave it overnight in the pack. To be chopped the following day. The flavours are so strong it needs just little fat, I used philadelphia, seasoning and its done! I thought I would add some mussels but the mildness-sweetness wouldnt go right and got lost.

    Decent stuffing cannot be followed by lousy shite pasta. I take great care of my pastas and have huge heart for it. If I overcook it, I would cry in front of the guests.

    Look at the colour! You can see through that ring, yet its very solid, the pasta after boiling didnt changed the colour at all, just got shiny.

    Now, with the maincourse goes pressed confit duck legs meat. Flavoured with oyster sauce, and parsley.

    And a duck breast, can you score your duck?

    Nice and crispy golden brown

    The duck gave me some fat, why would I waste it? Instead, I boiled herbs in duck fat-noisette.

    Its just food, but HEY its a food. Every single element is as important as your momma!

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    With you 100%! Your photos always look like something that would be absolutely wonderful to eat. And it's "look at that fabulous salmon"--you can almost taste and smell the dish just by its appearance. Your cooking seem to be a celebration of the best ingredients prepared with loving care. When I see "unidentified foam" or "this tastes bad but the chef wants you to expand your boundaries", I start to twitch and get the urge to run around screaming "The emperor has no clothes."

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    Nice post. Your passion and personality really comes through in your food.

    I really dislike trendy names and fads, but I would say that what you appreciate is "slow food" over "micro gastronomy. "

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    Wonderful pictorial bieniek!

    Need to book a flight to Oslo, toot sweet (right away)!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucretia View Post
    When I see "unidentified foam" or "this tastes bad but the chef wants you to expand your boundaries", I start to twitch and get the urge to run around screaming "The emperor has no clothes."
    Maybe some are like that but not all. This guy spent several hundred hours preparing his ultimate "dish" until he reached what I would call perfection. On top of that he spent 1000's of dollars on the best ingredients. Became 3rd, runner up and eventually a winner. In my world this guy is what it's all about = love and passion for food!

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    Really nice. Thanks for the post.

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    That's great. I agree with you 100%, There is to much focus on flash these days and not enough on the flavor and passion from earth to table.
    It's not the Answer it's the Experience

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    Really nice presentation. The duck is a visual feast for the eyes! thanks for thinking of us with the post - keep them coming!

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    The video was amusing. Give him 20 years and he will understand the true meaning of what we do. Or sooner if he is smart.

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