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Thread: Smokers

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    I was asked about barrel staves from a local winery the other day.
    The person making the request said something about using the oak staves from red wine barrels for smoking meat.
    I never heard of anyone doing that but it kind of made sense.

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    I would LOVE to try that! Of course, bourbon barrels would work too!

    Spike C
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    I have used chips and charcoal made from whiskey and bourbon barrels for years, along with pecan and cherrywood. Can't say I've heard wine barrels discussed, but I am sure someone uses them. This will probably freak some of you out, but the first time I heard of Hawaiian Koa wood a professional team was using it to smoke pork butts. Expensive stuff.

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    Typed in google Leftover Tabasco barrels and saw prepackaged bags of chips from Jack Daniels barrels and Tabasco barrels.
    May have to try some. I know other woods are more popular, but my Brinkmann Smoke King Deluxe has only seen mesquite.
    The Koa comment ouch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Seward View Post
    I am partial to ceramic bbq pits, however I can see how they would be difficult(if not impossible) to use in a commercial kitchen.

    I used to compete KCBS around eastern Pennsylvania a few years ago. We used to haul 3 Kamados like the one below on a Bobcat trailer to competitions. With a BBQ Guru temperature controller and extruded coconut charcoal, we could maintain 235 - 250F for the 18-20 hours needed to finish briskets.

    The #9 Kamado below weighs about 750 pounds and was sinking into the macadam driveway until we move it on to concrete pads. The capacity is about 85 pounds (3x briskets and 5x pork butts). My wood preference is a mixture of Pecan and Cherry. -Doug

    I'm a huge fan of ceramic cookers; my BGE is my pride and joy and I'd love to add another. I just don't know how practical they would be for a restaraunt where the goal is to not become a BBQ joint, but to add smoked meats to the menu. They're also very limited in space, even with the 23" of cooking space on your Komodo Kamado.

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    I do know that Jack Danial's sells barrel wood on their website, well the used to anyway.

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