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Thread: Tutorials archive forum

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    Tutorials archive forum

    Would it be an idea to start a tutorials sub forum that tutorials like andy's cleaver instructions ca be moved into after a few days of being on the general forum.

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    We have our Kitchen Knife Knowledge sub-forum - it's the Encyclopedia Britanica of KKF

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    Maybe we could start a thread in that forum that compiles all the tutorials. For example, kalaeb's tutorial on making western handles wasn't in that sub-forum, but I think it could be really helpful for new guys interested in that type of thing. As it is, they'd have to do a lot of digging to find it.

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    Yeah, that place really needs more love! I did my part, at least for now.

    We need people nerding it up over there.

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    I'll second the motion. But as a die hard Luddite, I'll leave the tech stuff to the experts.
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