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Thread: Another what to buy post!

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    Another what to buy post!

    First post on here and another of those what to buy posts!

    I'm looking to purchase either a Gyuto or Santoku willing to spend up to $500, in the UK we don't have such a great selection to choose from unless I decide to import.

    I'm really after a quality knife and not so much looking for asthetics, more interested in the quality of the steel/performance etc... I used to be a carpenter and all tools were lie Neilsen/Veritas with A2 steel blades etc... also have antique warranted Sheffield steel tools etc... so not new to sharpening and the feel of a quality steel/blade.

    I've contacted the Watanabe site but have as of yet had no response and am considering this Tanaka knife (although not too keen on the "decoration");

    But this knife has also caught my attention (4th knife down - handmade Santoku):

    But my question is although its much cheaper Dieter Schmid is a highly respected retailer over here in the UK and Europe and although these knives are from a seemingly little known maker (outside of Japan) they intrigue me. They have the functional look I like BUT my concern is around the HAP40 steel used in their manufacture. Its a Hitachi Powdered HSS and I'd never heard of it, looking at the Hitachi brochure it is indeed very hard (67 on Rockwell scale) and less prone to chipping. But few other knife manufacturers use it, either because it is not suitable or little known?

    I'd very much value anyones opinions or experiences with any of the above but particularly the HAP40 Gihei Knife.

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    Try Maksim @

    he has santoku and gyuto that might fit your bill.

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    Look on I think they ship worldwide cheaply.

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    If you're in the UK, Will Catcheside is making so great knives. He's a before here so you can see his work. His subforum is Catcheside Cutlery.

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    Well JCK has the Tanaka but it is sold out, and it only costs $440 so about £277, a bit of a difference in price. To be honest I'd stay away from UK knife shops, they are a total ripoff. JCK ships to the UK for $7 with no import fees or anything so I'd have a look there and see what you fancy.

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    I like the Tanaka. Pierre Rodrigue could make a custom for close to your $500. I bought a misono ux10 santoku from Korin for half your quoted price. I doubt I would ever want for a better santoku. After the price increase they don't get that much love in the forums on their gyutos and sujihikis, but currently the santoku is $231. I am very happy with mine. Good fit and finish and very sharp.

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    With a budget like that, I second Pesky's suggestion to look up Will Catchside and see what he can offer you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pensacola Tiger View Post
    With a budget like that, I second Pesky's suggestion to look up Will Catchside and see what he can offer you.

    I guess I'm the third to jump on. With that budget you can get Will to make you something special.

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    Another what to buy post!

    Thanks everyone for suggestions and help.

    I've re-looked at the JCK site (I did consider them) and indeed shipping is very resonable and there is a decent selection, looking around they have a good reputation so this is certainly an option.

    I've also looked at Will Catchesides site over here in the UK and although I love the thought of Japanese knives/forging supporting a "local" Brit is very very appealing so I may just enquire as to a commission.

    I'm a bit of a "collector" when it comes to hand tools and axes etc... so am getting the feeling that this could become a dangerous "hobby", I've told the wife that it will mean I'll be doing more cooking/fancy meals

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    Go for a Carter. I don't know what length you want, but this is a pretty good knife:

    All here know my opinion about carter

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