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Thread: Saya for Shig

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    Saya for Shig

    So it is my second saya, this time for my Western Shigefusa Suji, out of super old, unknown wood.
    Pin for saya i made of brass rod.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice work there! Cool idea with a brass pin!
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    Really looks good!

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    Looks good, did you rehandled the knife yourself too?

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    Yes it was my first Western rehandle
    But i like it a lot i like handles that is not so rounded

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    Nice! I like the idea of the metal pin.

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    Danish dynamite, very nice work M

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    Great work, Maksim. How did you make it? Digging out a cavity on one side with chisels or with three layers?

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    I did it like Marko with him as inspiration, with 2 layers of wood, chisels and planeblade for forming outside

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    looks nice, now i know what i will get for my future Shigs

    and i would like to have one for my 240mm Gyuto also

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