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Thread: Shop Upgrades

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    Shop Upgrades

    I am one happy camper right now. Why? because I've got some new toys (I mean tools) to play with.

    With the help of a friend I've recently purchased a new disc grinder with a variable speed controller. This puppy is so cool because I got the new magnetic replaceable plate system from Rod Nielson which uses both flat and 1deg profiles.

    And if that all wasn't enough (which is was) I was surprised by another friend of mine calling me up out of the blue the other day telling me that he's finished welding up a no weld 2x72 grinder for me! Yeah this guy jumped from a casual offer during a discussion to actually making me a grinder! I've got it sitting here in the shop just waiting on a few doodads to make it all complete. Unreal!

    So in just a couple of days I've gone from a simple 2x48" grinder to a full out respectable stock removal shop. I'm having trouble wiping the grin off of my face.

    A BIG THANKS to my friends, a couple of great guys.

    PS - I'll take some pictures once everything is set up.

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    Ohh Man !!!!......i can just see the sparks flyin!.....can't wait to see the knives comin outta there.....ryan

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    Rock and roll! Sounds fantastic, Congrats!! Nothing like new tools!
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    He's gonna have so much dust pouring out the windows, the EPA will be stopping by

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    I was just looking for the 'Like' button again... Cool, sounds you are almost ready to roll!


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    Niiiiiice! Congrats!

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    Pix! Pix! Pix!!!!!

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    Fantastic. Congratulations!

    2x72 and VFD disk grinders are the way to go.

    I am curious about a magnetic replaceable plate for the disc grinder. I could use different grits once in a while. Right now I am stuck with 80 grit.


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    Wonderful news Dave! Congratulations.

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