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Thread: What are some good garnishes? Trying to inspire some of my other chefs.

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    Minced chives + minced parsley mix should confuse the KKF parsley haters long enough for you to run out the back door!

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    Also not a fan of garnishes you can't eat, however I watch customers swoon and take pictures of these dishes with orchids and flowers and bleached seashells and martini glasses filled with ice on them all the time.

    Thinking about getting those smaller edible flowers but...unsure.

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    Flowers are kinda a waste of money IMO. Micros too. Unless it provides something besides making the plate pretty. It has to contribute to the overall taste/texture/mouthfeel. Flowers on a main course usually makes me think that the chef is not confident enough of his dish.

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    I was going to say make sure it is edible, but Eamon said it much better.
    Quote Originally Posted by BurkeCutlery View Post
    If it is on my plate, I am going to eat it. If it does not go well with the meal, that's totally your fault!

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