Carved knife interest.
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Thread: Carved knife interest.

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    Carved knife interest.

    I want to do a few carved knives in the near future. I was curious if there is any interest in this. I want to do a few that look flint knapped and maybe a few more intricate style designs. I understand the cleaning issues, that is why i figured i would inquire. I am finally getting my shop back into some semblance of order, and am setting up a carving station. If you think this is a dumb idea, please say so.

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    Could be terrible but I'm curious. I bet nothing would stick to it, at least.

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    IF you make the blade similar to a Takeda with a large bevel I think it should work great.

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    All the pretty elements have some sort of practical/maintenance drawbacks to consider, but we still love damascus, file work etc. You could always do the blade and fittings in stainless.
    Who's to say the carving could not also be designed to give great food release? I would go for it and do it for what it is, an art knife which can work very well too. Unusual pieces will always be collectable and desirable. Having seen some of your Bowies I've been wanting to see you do something sculptural on a chef knife. I might not be the voice of reason but I say DO IT!!!!

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    I guess I have never seen a carved knife. But it sounds cool. I would consider a carved carving knife.

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    Originally, I didn't have any interest when I saw this post, but then remembered the dragon carvings I have seen. It will be interesting to see what you come up with. Waves might be interesting. Just thought I would throw random thoughts out there.

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    I am contemplating buying a Gravermax kit to do some cool design stuff with, but i am thinking deeper, more bas relief style stuff. Funny you siad waves, thought about doing the "Tsunami" wave painting on the side of a gyuto....

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    I am not sure I even know what you are talking about, but I say chase what makes your heart flutter, Mike. Doing something you love to do will only translate into good things.

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    There is a pretty good sized learning curve there!
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    I had to search Google images in an effort to understand what you're considering doing...

    Something like this?

    Click image for larger version. 

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