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Thread: Big Green Egg worth the admission price?

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    Congratulations! May you have blissful cooking experiences!
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    Good luck Kyle. I hope it's in good condition. Don't forget to check for cracks in the firebox and for issues with the bands.

    And thanks Adam. I hope to get more of a hang of it this weekend. I'm thinking chicken this weekend.
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    I went and picked it up! It's in pretty good shape, no cracks and came with a plate setter, nest, daisy wheel top, grate grabber tool and the BGE cover. I snagged it for $750. Again, not the greatest CL deal I've seen, but used Eggs out here are hard to come by and I still saved a decent chunk of change over buying it new.

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    Nice pick up, the used market on these is crazy I have found about 3 used on CL and all around 30-40% off at most. There was a guy selling a large with stand for $100 off retail somewhere, so as infrequently as they go on sale you have to jump while you can.

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