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Thread: Logo Placement Left or Right Side Your Thoughts

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    Well the edge is supposed to touch the cutting board anyway, so I don't have a problem with the edge resting against the board while its laying there.

    I put my knives down both ways, but most of the time I put them down on the right side, with the edge towards me. When I work grill there is a metal lip on the far side of my cutting board that comes up about 4", and I don't want the knife banging into that. Second is it is my knife on my station, I know where it is, if it accidentally cuts anyone it will be me. I don't face it away from myself and towards someone else on the line.

    As for the logo placement, I am pretty sure it is a moot point. Most people arent going to be able to identify the knives we like here, even with the help of the makers name. And if it catches their attention enough to ask about it, I know I am more than willing to talk about them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crothcipt View Post
    Slowtyper do you then set the spine of the blade on the cutting board? your phrase "edge up" is confusing to me. are you meaning edge out?
    sorry I mean if I am standing in front of my board, I put the blade down horizontally with the blade facing away from me. I always keep it on the board most of the time. I just feel its a bit safer this way with the blade facing away from me.

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    makes sense. I think the whole right hand side for righty's; left hand side for lefty's makes sense. with knife down blade pointed away from body you can see the logo. That is most people go and look at what you are using, in hand its moving to fast to read.

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