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Thread: Out of action for a few days.

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    hey,nice to see back you in action... go easy .

    Look fwd to the photographs...


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    Hey Will, how are you doing right now? I'm familiar with a few of the problems you have. Years ago I was to enthusiastic at the gym, and overloaded my shoulders. Have had problems in shoulders, elbow and pulses ever since. But I always thought my problems were physical (they were for a certain part), but I found out that stress was a huge factor as well. Last winter was not so good for me, I was very stressed at school, had my computer business, and my forge, things going bad with my girlfriend etc, and all that gave me a lot of pain in the neck. This pain transferred to my elbow etc. I had a therapist pressing somewhere at my back, and I felt it in my bycep tendon.... Pains can come from far. Anyway, what I wanted to tell you is, make sure you don't work too hard, giving you mental stress. People with a lot of (work related) stress, won't get old. I cut down on a few of the things I was doing, and now I'm focusing on bladesmithing, I'm happier and the pain in my neck is gone.

    I hope this will help you. Blacksmithing is a killer job when you don't mind your body. I was always thinking I could do any physical thing to my body, but from now on I'm very careful, and I plan all my activities.


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    Well thanks for asking. It is certainly all due to my lower back discal problems in one form or another. I had an opp a few years ago which sorted one bulging disc but they noted the lower 2 were also bulging. So I think its all nerve related. I had back pain pretty bad again a few weeks back and worked through. It is now just a numb foot, but quite annoying. I try to break my day into a mixture of standing and sitting work. I don't think I'll be making any 3 ton sets of gates anymore put it that way. At least not without a whole crew of people. I'm finding it hard to get enthusiastic about anything apart from knives and damascus at the moment and whilst i'm taking smaller jobs. I'm pretty much re-gearing my workshop to smaller scale work and comfortable work environment. But yep struggling a bit but i'm getting better rather than worse which is good. Many thanks

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