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Thread: Cleaning with detergent

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    Does everyone pretty much wash/wipe down there boards in place on the counter? How many, or how often, does it get taken over to the sink?

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    I wash my boards in the sink. If I just cut veggies only, then I just rinse it. Otherwise, I'll use liquid detergent and a soft sponge. Then every once in a while I'll oil the boards because the detergent strips away the oil & moisture in the wood.

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    Detergent means something like Dawn or Joy. A little warm water then scrub with the liquid detergent then a good rinse. DO NOT leave the board in a sink with hot water running over the surface for an extended period of time. It has happened and will warp a board. Spraying with a Clorox/water mixture or vinegar/water mixture will help to sanitize a board between washings. Coating with salt overnight will sanitize and dry out a board. Be sure to oil after removing the salt.

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