New knife idea.
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Thread: New knife idea.

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    New knife idea.

    I want to make a 300-330mm sword tip yanagi. True to the history of sword making, i want to do a yokote ground kissaki, a tsuka maki wrapped handle(epoxy soaked), menuki, fuchi, habaki and kashira. What is the feasibilty of anyone being interested in something like this? I plan on smelting the shibuichi to make all of the parts out of and will do the blade in a 33 layer single side damascus on a W2 core.
    Sorry for the crappy drawing, i am sick and sitting at home trying to think of cool stuff to do.

    Is this a stupid idea?

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    Well, that oughta keep you busy for a couple of days!
    Spike C
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    Only takes one buyer for it to not be a stupid idea

    I think it would be a cool project. Have you tackled many yanagis yet, and gotten feedback on grind, thickness, etc?

    Please post a WIP!
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    I have one yanagi is service at the local sushi place, and have gotten pretty good feedback so far. I will be happy if i actually get it back lol.

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    If I did not have my Shigefusa I would be interested but two yanagis is overkill for anyone that prepares sushi maybe once a month. I would worry about something like that becoming more of a display item then a knife that is actually used. I'm not sure if it matters to you but if I were making knives I would want them to be used like the tool they are. I do hope you go ahead with it though because I know everyone here would love to see the WIP.

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    This is an idea that has been bouncing around in my head for quite some time. I have a few other projects that i need to get finished first, but this one will happen. It might be a display piece, but i just really want to do it lol. I will do a full WIP on it when it starts.

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    Nice. Man, I need to make a sword too. Sheesh, you get to have all the fun :-)


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    Yeah, Michael, when are you gonna make a sword??

    Keep in mind, that this is indeed a sword, and not a kitchen knife. It's certainly not a Yanagi, because it's not remotely willow-leaf shaped. But the main thing is that its a trailing point, and that is totally useless in a kitchen.

    That's not to say you can't use a sword in a kitchen.

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    My brother would love this, but then he collects Japanese swords.

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