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Thread: Big Green Egg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
    I used to want a mini for quick dinners, but I think I've decided on a Small for a 2nd Egg. It's just as easy to
    use but much more versatile and because apparently it's the best Egg to have for pizzas because it's small size and more traditional kamado shape (compared to the mini) makes it a little blast furnace.
    A small? Really? I'm surprised that its the best for pizza because the grid is only 13 inches in diameter. Most pizza stones are at least 15 inches in diameter.
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    I got one after a couple years of wanting it, and it is awesome. I found mine on craiglist for about half price. The used sales are few and far between however. It is alot of money to put down, but cant you get by with ten knives instead of 15?

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    For those in Canada they have them at costco now, around $899? Would totally get one if I didn't live in an apartment...

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    The BGE may be the single best cooking tool I ever bought. Love it. Hard to imagine life with out one. There are other ceramic cookers as well like the Primos or Grill Dome. I've had my BGE for several years and it's never let me down even in the dead of Winter. If you do hi-temp cooking they offer a hi-temp gasket now. Works like a charm.


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    I spoke with my wife last nigth about getting a BGE... lets just say it did not turn out positively for a BGE in my household at this time. I'm going to have to keept an eye out on Craigslist...

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    My large wok works well on the large egg. It heats it perfectly. It will get a certain amount of attention amongst grillers when you pull out a wok......

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    I am a huge ceramic cooking fan and have one Primo Oval and one Small BGE ... take a look at the Oval vs the Large or XL BGE. It allows you to do indirect grilling plus way more capacity if you are doing a bunch or ribs, butts or briskets.

    I use the SM BGE 80% of the time when I am just grilling for my wife and I ... but when friends are over, want to spatchcock a chicken or cook 80lbs of butt I go to the Primo Oval.

    Either way this purchase will change your world!

    Good Luck

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    Large BGE in the back of my truck, pics to follow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AFKitchenknivesguy View Post
    Large BGE in the back of my truck, pics to follow.
    Awesome! Congratulations!

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    Don't drop it

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