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Thread: ugliest. knife. ever.

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    If you have ever used a tempered blade?LOL????
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    I have used some that made me loose my temper!
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    I'm waiting for the maker to show up and show us his kitchen knife line he's working on.

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    Oh god, why do I have to share names with him...

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    The sales blurb is priceless too, the shattered English of rakuten gets me every time:

    In a line without refined waste, the maximum
    A which takes a **** in pursuit of ergonomics in the kitchen
    It is available for every work.

    Mast Ladd develops it, and obtained a patent; France
    It becomes the praise product of the cook church.

    Oh, the grip of **** is settled in a hand with スッポリ,
    For cutting fine and a slice, various movement including the changing screens
    I can cope skillfully. With the Luke design is beautiful
    A which takes a **** to promise the sharpness that is a high level for
    MOMA museum of ・ of New York
    It is chosen as a modern art.

    I've imagine a **** would make a comfortable handle, it just makes sense people....


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    My favorite thing about this knife is that I was reading the description of it on SLT's website to my wife and when I got to the part where they talk about the specially designed "ridge deflector" she just blurted out "What the hell does it deflect, photon torpedoes?" It also seems that Wusthof has keyed in on the awesome power of speed holes as well now.
    - Erik

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amon-Rukh View Post
    It also seems that Wusthof has keyed in on the awesome power of speed holes as well now.
    Are you sure they didn't just contract out the grinding to Moritaka?
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    These needed to be added in from another thread started by Igasho:
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    The horror:
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    "I gotta tell ya, this is pretty terrific. Ha hahaha, YEAH!" - Moe (w/ 2 knives).

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    This is absolutely perfect - amazingly ugly knife and great comment: "...perfect for gift giving" LOL

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    Here you go. Yep, it's a kitchen knife.

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