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Thread: Need advice on buying a gyuto, looking at Hattori.

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    Need advice on buying a gyuto, looking at Hattori.

    I am looking to purchase a gyuto and am currently considering the Hattori FH knife. I like a knife that has a little bit of weight to it and isn't super light. I also prefer laser knives that are easy to sharpen and hold on edge for a long period of time. Any thoughts on whether the Hattori fits this description? Any other knives I should be looking at? Thanks!

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    Hi Bechler!

    Any other criteria that might help folks with making recommendations? Any particular priority ranking to different factors like cost, looks, handle type, steel type, etc?

    I haven't used the Hattori FH gyuto so I can't help there

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    I would go for 52100 or Devins PM

    Cheapest 52100 that I think will preform ok is Ultimatum @cktg

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    In terms of cost I am looking to stay within the 200-300 range. I prefer a western handle on the gyuto and am open to different types of steel. I am fairly new to all of this so am not too familiar with the differences between all of the steels . Thanks for the help.

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    I enjoy my Hattori FH. I think the profile is great for meat butchery to veggie breakdown. The handle is very comfortable. Its VG-10 steel, never had a problem putting a very nice edge on it and retaining that edge.

    Koki at JCK is great to deal with and would gladly answer any questions you have.

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    I assume your already looking at the JCK web site so you may want to consider their original series (kagayaki). I have one of the WA gyutos and considering the price point I only have good things to say. The hattori is a fine knife. I wouldn't mind having one of the Hattori cleavers!


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