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Thread: For those of you who missed the show in NY

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    For those of you who missed the show in NY

    We shot some video

    You'll be seeing a few new things up on our website too shortly.

    If you see something in the video not on our website, let me know because we can probably order something like that for you.


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    Love the dragon engraved deba. So many nice knives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deckhand View Post
    Love the dragon engraved deba. So many nice knives.
    Thanks for the video Jon

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    Love my gesshin hide kensaki yanagi, so agile. But that plain hide one has a blond horn

    Great knives, people.

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    Did you polish all the knives beforehand Jon or are they all that shiny looking normally? Great video I must say

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    Nicely done! Thanks for sharing.

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    So, I got to see all of these up close and hold a few in my hand and it took everything I had not to walk away with one. Or two. The lacquer ware is simply exquisite in person. So rich and perfectly smooth. The dragon engravings are just ridiculous. The fugubiki was soooo very light and nimble, so nice. Honyaki gyuto, again just ridiculous. The craftsmanship is really beyond compare. Really something special. All of the Gesshin Hide line too, it's just perfect. I could've just stayed there all day but I had to go meet with some vendors. Really I can't describe how cool everything Jon had was. And he didn't even break out the stones and sharpening gear yet!!

    Jon, I'm definitely getting a deba in a few weeks so it was pretty cool to get to pick them up and look at your wares in person. Thanks for yours and Sara's hospitality as well. I'm only disappointed that the video doesn't show the toe shoes that you had on!! That was the best part!
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    It was a pleasant suprise seeing you there, I had no idea--I didnt even know I was going until the last minute. It was great meeting you man, you're too nice--and awesome knives!
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    Cool video!
    Now get back to work and start shipping some knives. Waiting to get my hands on the gesshin petty.

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