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Thread: Maksim - A request :)

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    Maruka Kiita very nice looking

    little and so strong )

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    Got 2 new Buetful and special stones that deserve to be here

    First is Atagoyama very light color, the smoothest one i ever try very very big stone.
    That one is sold already to very lucky buyer !!!
    Size is: 220mm 82mm 74mm 3200g

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Second is very powerful Nakayama Kiita, color is very deep.
    Very cool stone. Odd shape but can be used on razors or small knives anyway. Or just for display
    That one is for sale in store !

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Maxim what did type of glue did you use to fix the broken stone?
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    Just super glue between stones and epoxy to wooden base

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    My new Yellow Ohira Range Suita, super fast stone !! Actually faster then white ones i have tried.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    nice , congratz )

    this one +1 for your collection ?

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    Maxim, I understand these are your collection stones and it's anything but hard to tell that they are very good stones albeit that Ohiira Renge Suita had a wee bit too much Renge for what I would comfortably hone woodworking tools on, ought to be great for knives though.

    I've managed to weasel myself into a handful of gorgeous collection stones in the past and I suppose I'm here attempting just that again. hihi

    Ohiira Renge Suita "kiita", is it a knife or tool finisher, or can it handle both if you're an experienced user?
    Your own crazy Aoto (talk about sword quality, impossible to find today outside of private collections)
    Saeki, is this a stone that is similar to a coarser Kouzaki? They both look quite similar so it wouldn't surprise me if the mining location isn't far away from each other. Kouzaki is more like a true mid-polisher however, but just how do the particles on this stone feel? The "clear" feedback of an Aoto, the wet, refining feeling of Tsushima or even something completely different? My needs are stones for sword polishing and woodworking tools (I make my own shirasaya and it flows well with my addiction to J nats) so I would love an in-depth description on this Saeki as it's a stone I've never experienced before.
    Nakayama Maruka Kiita Kan, looks like a ridiculously good daily stone for woodworking. Would you consider parting with it for the right price?

    These are all very interesting stones. You have a few one more that also are extremely interesting but not quite in my needs as I for example have a great specimen of Okudo Renge Suita and thus doesn't really need an Ozuku Tenjyou Suita, but as a collector I really want it, Haha.

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    I'll let my inquiry stand in case you want to sell one or a few of the mentioned stones. The Aoto would be for swords though so that's the one I'm the most interested in but it's hard to speculate without a response on your end, Maxim.

    I have to ask one thing however, why are you recommending Nagura? There's a few examples of stones working best when rubbed against an identical stone but Asano Nagura??? Even us sword polishers have pretty much entirely switched over to diamond plates, Atoma seems to be the best bang for the buck. The polishers that doesn't use plates tend to use an identical stone to produce the slurry; chu-nagura for chu-nagura, koma-nagura for koma-nagura and so on.

    Are you trying to stay traditional? I'm struggling to understand why you aren't recommending a good diamond plate, especially since you deal with hard Jnats which is where the plates are the most useful.

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    I will not sell any of my privet stones, because i use them my self
    Any stone sale go true email or PM and not in open forum.
    I recommend Nagura because i think it is best, andy sword polishers i know in Japan do not use Diamond plate and almost all that i know in Japan that understands a bit in Japanese Naturals will never recommend Diamond plate to create slurry.
    And Nagura cost like 14 euro VS Diamond plate 100 euro. You can have many different results with naguras wile with Diamond plate just one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halicon View Post

    I'm struggling to understand why you aren't recommending a good diamond plate, especially since you deal with hard Jnats which is where the plates are the most useful.
    Actually with hard J-nts diamond plates are not the best choice, the best slurry is nagura then tomonagura. Diamond plates scratch the stone and then the finish is not as uniform, not to mention stray diamonds on the surface will scratch the bevels.
    I know some sellers recommend atomas for slurry and claim Iwasaki uses them but several people went to visit Iwasaki and found out he does not use atoma or any other diamond plate for that matter.

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