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Thread: Maksim - A request :)

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    Haha i never recommend 330mate He is quite equal to Murashita seller

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    Yes, I'm quite aware of what 330mate is doing.

    Could you please show me an auction from this Murashita though?

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    The alleles created by mutation may be beneficial

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    Halicon, this thread was made by someone asking maxim to show off his private collection of stones. Let's try and keep the discussion civil and stay on topic.

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    Gotcha Andrew. My intention when posting those pics wasn't quite how it played out as they sadly came from another retailer that could be identified.

    Apologies, it was an improper action and I didn't think it through where I was posting mentioned pics.

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    Murashita Auction:

    Maybe you will recognize some of the pencil drowned Kanjis he is only one in Japan that have them on Jnats

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    Indeed, I have those Kanji on a budget Ohiira I got for 4000 yen. Nothing else though.

    Do you believe that any stone that isn't inked is a fake or can't perform, or that every inked stone is genuine? Have you never been with someone as they buy in bulk, in person at the mine itself?

    I can't really do much more here as you have put me in a very awkward position by assuming that I was trained by a different stone retailer. Thanks for the discussion Maxim, it was sad it had to end like this and I apologize for any problems I caused.

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