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Thread: 105 pounds of Sycamore and Koa

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    PM sent! Those look sick!

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    You would think I could control myself and just not click on your posts Mark.. but I CANT DO IT!!! lolol

    These show promise! I have missed the last couple batches of sycamore.

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    It's been a long day so I am stopping now.
    My brain stopped working a while ago and my body is following suit.
    Here are a few I have sanded finer and sprayed with a light coat of lacquer.
    Pretty unusual colors and really unusual patterns.

    Not everyone will like this stuff. I like it, but then I like the weird and unusual stuff.
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    Man, I love that tight feathery grain to those!

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    A fine basket weave damascus to go with some of that sycamore, perhaps?

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