Hello and good day.Today I have a few new HHH damascus billets for sale.. These are made from High carbon steel, 1080 and 15n20 combinations. Unless otherwise stated. All of our billets are precision ground and etched to show the pattern.

We also offer other custom damascus services, making billets to your specs. So if you see a pattern you want or need a specific size or shaped billet. Feel free to contact me to place a order, pricing etc. I just started on a order for a billet to be used to make a HUGE battle ax.. and just finished a order for 2 billets That were to customer specs and designed to be used to make swords. And also made a few pieces for a watch maker who uses the steel to make some crazy cool pocket watches!! Just as a couple of examples. I am currently working on a price sheet that will make it easier for you to calculate the cost of a billet, based on size, width length. for custom orders. I will post it ASAP.

POST BILLET NUMBER AND ILL TAKE IT Please post Billet number and Ill take it and I will contact you with payment info. ASAP.
For custom services, PM me with details.
SHIPPING, I ship USPS priority mail and charge actual shipping cost. Average price to send a billet is about 7.00 to any US address. I will ship International. Average price 16.00 If you want a shipping quote, message me with billet number and zip code.
PAYMENT: I accept PayPal and will also take USPS money orders.

Billet 1 Crazy lace, 12 X 1 5/8 X 3/16" 1080 and 15n20, precision ground. $155.00 + delivery.

This is one of the patterns that really look best after you grind into it! Please see photo of this pattern as a finished blade.

Billet 2 Feather Pattern damascus 14 1/2 X 1 3/4 X 5/16" $175.00 + delivery

This is a BOLD feather pattern 1080 and 15n20, precision ground. Should make a totally amazing Bowie or larger knife!!

Billet 3Firestorm pattern damascus billet. 10 3/4 X 1 5/8 X 3/16" $145.00 + delivery... 1080 and 15n20, precision ground.

This is one of the patterns that really look best after you grind into it! Please see photo of similar pattern as a finished blade.

Billet 4 Monarch pattern billet. 12 X 1 1/2 X 3/16" 1080 and 15n20 precision ground. $165.00

This pattern is a Epic new pattern with tight fine figuring. Its a great pattern within a pattern. I dont know how Jr. does it. but I do know it makes a KILLER looking knife! Im sure my pictures do not do this billet justice.

Billet 5, Tsunami pattern billet 16 X 1 5/8 X 3/16" 1080, 15n20, with some pure nickle. $205.00 + shipping

This one is a 3 color billet and has layers of pure nickle. The pattern is called Tsunami and always makes a sweet looking blade! LARGE BILLET!!

Billet 6 Tribal pattern. This is a HUGE Xtra wide billet. 16 1/2 X 2 X 1/8" Precision ground and ready to rock n roll! $255.00 + delivery.

Another NEW pattern from the twisted mind of Randy Jr. Hes calling this pattern TRIBAL! Its so darn cool looking I dont care what he wants to call it!! As long as he can make more when we run out!! This one would make a SICK kitchen knife or a whole bunch of folder blades or a few smaller knives!! one thing for sure, whatever it makes it gone looks .... well........ TRIBAL!

Please post Ill take it and the billet number. I will forward payment info through PM on this forum.