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Thread: Soon to be my meat chopper

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    Soon to be my meat chopper

    Custom made by my design (still needs handle installed), will update when I have it with more pics.
    Handle is 8mm thick
    from edge to spine 100mm
    tip to heel 160mm

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    Lookin good boss. Who is making it? ryan

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    Quote Originally Posted by sudsy9977 View Post
    Lookin good boss. Who is making it? ryan
    that will be revealed when the time is right I can only say it is made in Japan.

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    Hey Dave, since it's your forum can't you make a rule about being a knife tease

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    That looks pretty wicked, like something you would see in a slasher movie

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    Wow! That looks pretty awesome

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    Kind of reminds me of this very very old Beatty I have.

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    I better dig out my tease quote...

    "The only thing missing from this thread is a bass beat and a pole"

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