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Thread: Masakage Koishi AS by Kato san

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    I have been looking into masakages a lot recently. I would also be interested in anybodys feedback or reviews on their knives. From everything I've read so far I know that they have been getting a lot of great reviews from what I've found. So many people have been saying that they think they'll be going up in price or become a more prominent recommendation. You could always try a pass around. Dunno if that was any help but I'm definitely in the same boat on masakage's.

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    I realize this reply is a little old (hey, what's a year) but I've grown fond of my two Masakagi Koishis (one gyuto, one petty). My experience is limited (others knives are Globals and a Shun) - but I like the balance of the gyuto more than the Global (which I also like) and much more than the Shun (which I do not). I find them easy to sharpen, and the handles are firm and stable, and when kept sharp they cut like a breeze. I did manage to chip the tip of the gyuto somehow - but managed to buff it out with a long workout on a stone.

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    I only have the Honesuki in the Koishi range and can attest that the Kuro Uchi finish is beautiful with the lightly hammered finish. Build and fit are extremely good with highly polished spine and choil.

    I am not going to compare the cutting ability to a Gyuto as it would be absurb but the solid feel is great.

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