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Thread: Stainless integral 90 mm Paring Knives available, Old Sheffield Stock!

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    Any of these available still?

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    Yes, they are, I have been a bit slack getting these sold what with getting commissions out and the website up and running. They are still here. I hardness tested one and it was in the mid 50's, was hard to get a good reading as I believe there is some differential temper. They had me fooled that they were a touch harder as the steel takes a very fine edge. But edge retention is obviously not like a harder steel. Despite that mine takes the abuse my good lady can throw at it, and comes good on the whole with a few licks on a strop.
    Pm me and let me know how you would like one, ground/ground handled/ or just original.
    My plan was to sneakily handle and finish a few to a high standard and pop them up for sale.

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