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Thread: My new acquisition

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    Wishing you much success.

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    I hope you'll share more details as things start to really come together.

    Best of luck!

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    Good luck!! Gotta love a good rodeo!

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    All the best Memo .
    what part of town is it in.
    and Good Luck.
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    Looking great, congrats

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    I love the look, it seems very contemporary but at the same time warm due to the dark wood bar and the floors, nice work.
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    Congratulations!!! WHERE are you opening?
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    Congrats, and best of luck! When do we see menus?

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    The restaurant is in Mexicali BC on the border with CA, and the menus should be ready mid next week I am guessing. So far the only ideas I know are going to be on the menu are a version of Saltys rib eye with the spinalis dorsi removed, plan on calling it a ribeye duo. I also have to have a fillete, probably a roast chicken or brick chicken, don't know about which fish but leaning towards salmon since thats the only thing I know I can get without having much problems. A pork chop is also something I want to throw in there. The rest of the menu I will be working on but it should consist of:

    2 salads, 2 soups, about 7 or 8 apps 6 entrees and 2 or 3 desserts plus whatever special I can come up with. I might make the menu shorter too, depending on how things go, people around here are finicky and don't want to have tons of waste.

    BTW, once everything is in place I will make another virtual tour, the kitchen equipment is there and yesterday most of it was in working order. Anyone have any opinions on American Range brand? I hear its a tank and own 4 pieces of equip already but just wondering.

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