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Thread: WTB: 240mm Stainless or Semi Stainless Gyuto

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    Closest is the tkc onsale here for 175 shipped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chefdog View Post
    Ive got an Addict 2 that im looking to sell. Any interest?
    The tip of that knife has too much curve for me. I don't believe I'd like the angle when doing tip work on the board (A Wusthof Classic my wife and I got for our wedding went out the door partially b/c of this reason). I do love the height of the knife though...

    Quote Originally Posted by tk59 View Post
    The only semi-stainless in that neighborhood is CarboNEXT. If you want something in cpm154, fine but there is no question it is stainless. You might be able to get a KonHD, TKC or possibly a Yoshikane second hand for that price, if you're willing to wait for it.
    The Carbonext is definitely on my short list but I"ve gotten some very fair offers that I'm still chewing over...

    Quote Originally Posted by pumbaa View Post
    Closest is the tkc onsale here for 175 shipped.
    That's not true

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    what you want for the mac pro?

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    PMs returned

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