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Thread: Thanks Marko

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    Thanks Marko

    Guess you spot your masterpieces....

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    Quote Originally Posted by oivind_dahle View Post

    Guess you spot your masterpieces....
    Thanks for starting a fan club.

    I got to clarify that Oivind has been a good friend and a very enthusiastic supporter along the way. I am grateful, but I am not entirely comfortable being in a spot light. I am glad many like my work. That gives me plenty of satisfaction.


    "If there’s something worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.” - An US saying.

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    Verrrry purdyyyy.....

    Great-looking work as always, Marko

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    Those are some fantastic examples of great handle work, Marko, Dave and of course Hoss.

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    Markos work is truly unique.
    I love his simple yet so elegant handles

    The 240 DT koa is out of this world!!

    Im posting some better pics:

    Best handle Ive ever tried. Makes me feel sporty (like chad ward once wrote)

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    I got to admit, this has been my favorite set. I like dark woods for contrast, but there is something about the warmth that koa wood has to it that it almost irresistible.

    Unfortunately, stabilizing koa darkens it and takes away some of that dazzling effect. The handle in this set is from un-stabilized koa. Seems to be holding out all right.


    "If there’s something worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.” - An US saying.

    If my KKF Inbox is full (or not), please contact me via Email:

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    Oivind, in addition to the great stable of knives you already have, I know you have at least a few even more beauties on the way. I think it's time to step up your photography game to do these things some justice!

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    Im getting my hands on a D300 in just 3 weeks
    Gonna take some pics then. However Darkhoek and I gonna have a huge test on different knives when I have em all. He got a blog:

    Anyway: Marko WILL post some pics of the knives Ive ordered from him soon. I know my Shigefusa Yanagiba is under production

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    If you are ever looking for a nice point-and-shoot, ive been loving my Canon S95. The old model is the S90 and is nearly identical and can be found for about $300, the s95 usually goes for $400 or so. great lens, and you can have lots of control in manual, or let it do the work in auto.

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    There is a new international law that all koa needs to be sent back to Hawaii, so please send that knife & saya to me asap! Really great work. I gotta use more unstabilized koa, I fully agree: Some pieces benefit from stabilizing it, most lose their warmth, and if the wood is seasoned enough, there is no real need for stabilizing it.


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