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Thread: Something I HATE

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaronsgibson View Post
    Alright, now a days not to much ruffles my feathers once the dish is out to who ever. But with one exception and I'm sure many of you will agree. I hate those people who automatically reach for the damn salt! even before the dish hits the table there they are getting primed and ready to douse the dish with extra salt without even getting the time to smell it let alone taste the dish. I hate that. Got into it with my dad today about that when after I had some pizza (which was very good) comes over and puts kosher salt over it.

    "That's the secret." he tells me

    Now, there was no meat or such just plan cheese but still damn it give it a taste first off and if you do for god sakes don't do it right in front of me. I told him basically you're telling me that I don't know how to season things right. (And oddly enough he NEVER seasons his hash browns)

    So how about the rest of you?
    When I was a kid, my mom and I would enjoy our "Sunday morning routine". My dad would always salt his eggs before he tasted them, and mom would argue with him about that all the time. She started to salt them heavily before serving him, and I, of course, would add salt, too. My father would sit down, add his salt, and taste them while mom and I snickered to each other. Invariably, he would still add more, and our mouths would drop.

    I really am related to Tony Clifton.

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    I think standard American food served in standard American restaurants is stupidly under seasoned. Not sure what makes restaurant owners so terrified of the stuff, but despite the "faux pas" I really have no qualms dumping salt onto untasted food from your average American diner. More upscale places, sure, I'll always taste it first (and rarely need to adjust anything). Same goes with ethnic foods, I can't think of a time I've needed to salt something from a Chinese restaurant, and only one Mexican joint where I needed to salt the rice and beans--which was a bad sign!

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